Space and the kosovo crisis

Mike Rosseel (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 14:34:50 +0200

Hi everyone,

An article containing some general remarks about the role of space in the
bombing campaign :

I don't know what to make of following excerpt though...are they talking
about simulations, footage shot by planes or actual spysat capabilities ?

"One of the features we have here is the ability to allow mission planners
and deployed leadership the opportunity to watch the missions as they
occur," said Maj. Bruce Watson, 76th SOPS flight commander. "We can watch as
the planes enter the target area and drop their bombs and then leave. We're
able to see the plane safely accomplish the mission."

PS : be sure to check out regularly, it's almost as good as
Florida Today !
PPS : there's also an article about OIG witholding classified elements at

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