Re: Argentina impact site for Russian Mars probe

Ed Cannon (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 05:10:18 -0500

There was a lot of discussion regarding Mars 96, including 
eyewitness reports, that seemed to narrow its re-entry to 
Chile-Bolivia, and back in 1997 there also was a story that 
eyewitnesses, including local officials, found an impact site 
of at least some fragments of Mars 96 in Bolivia.  But Jujuy, 
Argentina, borders both Chile and Bolivia, so IF the track was 
that far south it could of course be a possible impact site.
I have some doubt that any pieces of it massive and energetic 
enough to make craters survived.  A tank weighing about 500 kg 
(1100 pounds) from a Delta 2 impacted near Georgetown, Texas, 
in January 1997, and it did not make a crater.  I'm not sure 
how massive and energetic an object it would take to make a 
real crater.  Small meteorite fragments can be found lying on 
the ground or even the Antarctic ice, and I think that most
re-entry fragments would be less energetic than meteoroids
massive enough to reach the Earth's surface.

Here are some other articles and discussion still online 
regarding Mars 96:

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