Re: Delta Scrub and Babylon 1

Philip Chien (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 01:33:04 -0400

>> One friend had a brand-new low-light digital video camera and hand tracked
>> it across much of the sky.
>What was the quality of the recording?  Anyting to see on playback?

I only watched it on the camcorder's built-in LCD screen and I could
certainly see the satellite as a blob plus some background stars.  To
evaluate the camera I'd want to mount it on some kind of tripod and try to
track something as it goes across the sky to determine just how steady and
usable it is.

Many of today's camcorders can handle 1 lux situations so getting a
viewable images is easy.  But getting something which is useful and can be
comprehended (like viewing a portion of the sky, seeing the satellite pass
through a recognizable constellation, and then zomming in on the satellite)
is a bit more of a challenge.

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