ETS Obs April 22

Tony Beresford (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 12:16:53 +0930

Observed ETS-6 was seen flashing from 1435UT with max.
brightness of flashes at mag. 3.5,till 1515UT,
when naximum brightness of flashes was only mag 6.5.
Flash cycle composed of a secondary (fainter flash between
main flashes.
Flash periods timed twice between 1447 - 1453 UT
and 1509 -1513 UT. Time for ten flashes in both
time intervals was 131.05 seconds. However the
was a 4.2 second offset between the time predicted
for the start of the second set and the observations
of it. This suggests that the secondary maxima in ealier
set had swapped to the principal flashes in the second set,
like I understand happens with superbird A.
Flash period 13.105 ( + or - .002seconds)at April 22.63UT
appreciably faster than observation on April 17.48 reported
as 13.20 (+ or - .01)
PPAS to follow
Tony Beresford