ISS Lunar Transit (N Calif)?

Jim Varney (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 23:47:58 -0700

Many thanks to Chris Peat for adding star charts to the fine GSOC web page. 
Trying it for the first time, I noticed that there's an opportunity for a 
lunar transit by ISS here in Northern California.  Would have had no clue 
this was going to happen without this feature!

Friday night, April 23 at 8:50 PDT. The track runs roughly on a line from 
Santa Rosa ENE towards south of Oroville.  Moon will be 59 percent full. 
Will have to wait for Thursday's or Friday's ISS elements to see where the 
final track will go.

Ron Lee: you may want to check for a transit, the track might cross 

 -- Jim

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