re: satwk16 report from OIG

Philip Chien (
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 18:35:41 -0400

>                 Satellite Catalog Action Report
>From: 1999/04/10
>Through: 1999/04/17
>The following objects have been reported as cataloged:
>Designator   CatNo Common Name               Source LaunchDate
>------------ ----- ------------------------- ------ ----------
>1999-017A    25669 USA 142                   US     1999/04/09

notice that 1999 17B 25670 is not listed this week although it was in last
week's report.  But its elements are available through OIG.

>1999-017C    25671 IUS (1)                   US     1999/04/09
>1999-017D    25672 IUS (2)                   US     1999/04/09

I'm still wondering about this piece ...

>1999-021A    25685 SPUTNIK JR. 3             CIS    1999/04/16
>1986-017MZ   25686 MIR DEBRIS                CIS    1986/02/19

ARGH!!!!  Apparently USSPACECOM makes a living out of inconsistent
international designations.  Early hand-ejected satellites were just
cataloged with the primary space station.  The two previous Sputnik
replicas were cataloged as being launched with their Progress vehicles.
This time they're calling it a separate launch??????????

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