Re: Satellite identification (Tony Silva, Spain)

Mike McCants (
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 14:05:52 -0500 (CDT)

Tony Silva wrote:

>On the night of april 13th, I was splitting Epsilon Hya when by chance I
>saw a feeble blink south west to it. I had the time to switch to a low
>power eyepiece, and could follow the feeble blinks traveling west to
>east for quite some time. The object would blink every 8 secs (+/-) and
>passed about 7' south of Epsilon Hya.

Now the question becomes: could this have been a geosync object?

>Date: April 13, 1999
>Time: 10:28 UT (aprox)

I assume this should be 22:28UT.

Epsilon Hyd would be about 35 degrees up in the southwest at this time.

>Mag: 9-10 (aprox)
>Coordinates: 8h46m49s	+6 18' 33"

This is 7' south of Epsilon Hyd.

>Observing loc:	8d 43'33"
>               42d 13'56"
>Loc altitude: 100 m (aprox)

I assume this is 8 degrees west.

Interestingly, if I reset the drag term to zero, a prediction for object 98003
differs from the observed position by only about 5 minutes of time (after
5 months) and a very small fraction of a degree cross-track.

If this identification is correct, the revised elset would be:

Unknown 98003 
1 98003U          99103.56829088  .00000000  00000-0  00000+0 0    00
2 98003  15.5596   2.5444 0007000 245.4459 114.5541   .99817508    00

Mike McCants