Unidentified Object over Norfolk

Bob Jones (bobjo@home.com)
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 21:00:05 -0400

Hi, need help on a UFO, please.
A Norfolk, Virginia TV station received several reports of a bright,
meteor-like object which was seen between 8 and 830 PM EDT on Wednesday
evening, 04/14/99.  The TV reporter attributed the sighting to an
upcoming meteor
shower, but I wondered.
Today I talked with a person in Newport News, VA who actually saw the
thing from -76.442 and 37.049. She said it had a constant, bright
greenish glow with a visible train.  It traveled from (approx) SouthWest
to SouthEast about level with the ground the whole time, just above the
trees. It remained visible for about 10 seconds or more before
disappearing behind the trees. She was certain it was not a meteor.
The station received reports from Yorktown, VA to Ahoskie, NC.
Any ideas what this could have been? Space debris?
-Bob Jones