Satellites over Kosovo

Igor Lissov (
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 19:58:57 +0400

 Hi everybody,
 On April 13th Russian newspaper Vremya-MN published an article
 titled 'In Space Over Kosovo, Satellites Gathering' by Vladimir
 Citing specialists from the Russian satellite control center at
 Golitsyno-2 near Moscow, in particular chief of a laboratory 
 Leonid Doda, Maksimovskiy writes that
 'gathering' of U.S. satellites over Jugoslavia began in October
 1998. While some other reports in Russian media create
 weird impression that the sats were literally hovering above and
 waiting for strikes, Maksimovskiy use the seemingly correct word: 
 maximum of resources, i.e. maximum number of satellites can 
 support actions. In all, he says, 111 satellites can be involved.
 Such maximum of resources occured on March 25 (and first 
 strike was made one day earlier), repeated itself in pre-dawn 
 hours on April 13-15 and would occur once more on April 23 
 from 0200 till 0400, presumably local time. It would be interesting 
 if one can reconstruct these data based on actual orbits of
 the most useful birds.
 Igor Lissov
 Novosti Kosmonavtiki
 Moscow, Russia
 P.S. The war should be stopped.