Iridium 38 On Camera

James Husnay Sr. (
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 07:37:01 -0400

Caught my 1st Iridium on cam-cord this morning at 1X.
Experimenting with small 3 1/2" mounted numerical 0 to 90 degree angle
finder with an accuracy of 1/2 of 1 degree.

Results: excellent for elevation angle. Base has 45 degree angle cuts
perfect for down the barrel line of sighting.

Used hand held JVC VHS. Had to move camera slightly (about 3 degrees)
for azimuth angle. Planning to mount compass alongside the mounted angle

finder. Hopefully the combination will put me right on and allow me to
eventually increase to 12X.

Today's results: I'm satisfied: Looks like a great Supernova in twilight

as there was no primary brightening or dimming; to bad it couldn't have
lasted longer. Used tree line for authenticity when I show the

Satellite: Iridium 38
Antenna (MMA): Right
Flare center is at: 43.052N, 76.272W
Distance to center: 12.4 km (7.7 miles)

At my location your 05:46:12  / Magnitude:  -4
At center                 05:46:14  /                    -7

Elevation: 27           / at center 27
Azimuth:  23 (NE)   /               23 (NE)
Mirror angle:   0.4   /               0.0

Thursday, 15 April, 1999
Location: Syracuse (43.061N, 76.120W)
Time Zone: EDT (GMT - 4:00)