Weird observation not solved

Alcir Carra (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 07:49:26 -0300

Hi, all

	I live in Brazil (29.1670S, 51.1830W) and last friday I get very
impressed about what Paulo Cacella, from Brasilia related. So at the time he
related he was seeing the objetcs, I was trying to see them too. When
finally the clouds gave me a chance, at 22:25 (UTC), I saw the array that
was PERFECTLY VISIBLE WITHOUT ANY TELESCOPE. With my bino, it was possible
to see 3 objets. With my litle telescope (60X power) it was possible to see
another one, between the higher ones. Untill now, nothing strange. Only 4
satelites in a geosyncronos array. But, at 22:28, another objet, apeared,
coming from the south and MOVING HORIZONTALY. I observed the object moving,
very slow, for about one minute. The wind was so strong that made my
telescope vibrate. This 5th objet had a very low brightness and when it was
passing through the inicial array, I missed it. One minute later I saw
another one leaving the array in the upper left side, moving in a trajectory
of 45 degrees to north. At 22:38 the clouds ended my observation.

	So there are two questions I would like to make. I have only litle
experience in satelite observation. But, is it possible that a geostationary
satelite (36.000 KM!!!) exibit such a brightness? I belive that the second
objet that I saw moving could be a star in the background. But, and the
first one? Stars in the background donīt move in a horizontal trajectory. So
what is this objects that we are seeing?

	Than You.