Cosmos 673r reentry

Matson, Robert (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 16:38:08 -0700

Hi All,

Used Alan's latest SATEVO TLEs for Cosmos 673 R/B to see if
southern California would have a chance at observing the reentry.
Doesn't look good -- too low in the east.  However, moving to
the east does improve things.  Barstow might be able to see
it very low in the east.  Las Vegas is a little better.

Arizona will be in good shape if the reentry occurs on that rev.
In particular, I ran predictions for Phoenix.  C673r rises out of
the south around 0:16 MDT early Tuesday morning April 13
(6:16 UT, 4/13).  There's a close conjunction with Mars at
around 0:18:30 MDT; culmination is about 15 seconds later,
45 degrees up in the east.  The rocket body sets in the NNE
around 0:21:30.

As usual, this rocket body will only be visible if it is actually
reentering (in which case, its altitude and elevation will be lower,
and it will arrive EARLY.)  So look to the southeast below Mars
for a fast-moving object moving right-to-left from about 12:15am
MDT to 12:19am.  If you don't see anything in that 4-minute
window, the reentry happened (or will happen) somewhere else.

The center of the reentry window is a little shy of 3 hours later
than this pass, so it's probably a bit too early.  Here are Alan's
TLEs for an epoch close to this pass:

Cosmos 673 r     3.8  2.6  0.0  5.1 v            140 x 133 km
1 07418U 74066B   99103.25732751  .26611642  77621+0  26954-3 0 99636
2 07418  81.1814 179.3964 0005728 253.8511 106.0858 16.51010907358409