Satellite Hunting
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 17:17:13 EDT

After many long nights and gallons of coffee, my new prediction software is 
ready for download at

Satellite Hunting 1.0 is a shareware application that generates visible pass 
predictions from Two Line Elements files. It is fully native to 32 bit 
Windows (95/98/NT) and takes advantage of the graphical user interface (GUI). 
The predicted passes can be viewed in the easy to follow 'spread sheet' style 
predictions window, printed to any windows compatible printer, or pasted to 
the windows clipboard for editing in a word processor, or Email program.

Click on the name or NORAD number in the prediction window and Satellite 
Hunting generates a 'pop-up' window with information about that object. This 
information generally includes country of origin, mission and observing 
details such as color, whether the object flashes or flares, etc. Registered 
users of Satellite Hunting will receive timely updates of the information 
file as new objects are launched and as I improve the existing database (the 
downloaded version includes info on fewer than 500 objects). This file is 
also used to include the name and/or mean magnitude of an object if the TLE 
doesn't include this information.

Satellite Hunting generates local star maps with a graphic representation of 
the selected satellite's path. Click on the plot to zoom in, or shift-click 
to zoom out. This graphic can be saved as a windows bitmap (.bmp) for editing 
in a graphic program, such as "Paint."

I invite everyone to visit the Satellite Hunting homepage at for a complete list of features, 
screenshots and online help. Please understand that this is the very first 
release. Some features are less sophisticated than others. For the time 
being, most of the user instructions and "Help" will be found on the website. 
The program includes a simple web browser which launches directly to the URL 
above. Feel free to E-mail me with questions, comments and suggestions for 
Stephen Fels - Satellite Hunting Users Group (SHUG)