Re: 1999-05-04 Titan 4B launch

Richard McKee (
Fri, 9 Apr 1999 17:04:12 -0400 says its Lacrosse F4

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From: Allen Thomson <>
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Date: Friday, April 09, 1999 3:54 PM
Subject: 1999-05-04 Titan 4B launch

>Any prognostications as to what's going up 4 May (between 0701 and 1100 UT)
>on the Titan IV B out of Vandenberg?
>Both Lacrosse 2 and USA 86 are getting to be fairly long in the tooth, so
>they seem like good candidates. But given the historical tendency to launch
>optical satellites in the winter, I'd say that the USA 86 replacement is
>likely to be scheduled for the 1999-12-03 Titan 4B VAFB launch.  Which, if
>true, leaves LAC-4 or Something Else, such as a NOSS or maybe the debut of
>the Enhanced Imaging System.