Update on GEO Flasher Near Superbird-A

Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 12:10:58 -0600

The taped annotation of my obs last night (5 April local; 6 April UT)
did provide reasonable information of the GEO flasher I observed above
Superbird A (#20040).  I received several candidates from Bjorn and Ed
but none seem reasonable (assumes I plotted them correctly).  Candidates
include #4881, 11569, 18634 and 19931. #18634 was supposedly close
but my plots show it too far away.  I am still reviewing the candidates
to ensure I am have not made a mistake.

The field of view of my binoculars is about 6.8 degrees.  I believe
the unknown flasher was about 3 degrees above and slightly south/right of
Superbird (in the az/el reference frame).

My first obs of the unknown was about 3:01 UT (6 April) and last obs
about 3:17:36 UT.  I may have missed some of the early flashes but 
it seems that it flashes at about the same time as Superbird.  I noted 
flashes from Superbird about 2.5 minutes after the unknown and the 
Superbird flashes lasted at least 3 minutes after none were visible
from the unknown.

The unknown's flash period was close to 21.3 seconds.  Based on Superbird's
inclination of 6.3 degrees, the inclination of the unknown is at least 7
degrees and possibly higher.

Ron Lee