Novnoss identity

Eberst (
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 10:35:26 -0700 (PDT)

The April weather has not been suitable for observing here.  However, I
have been using my time productively.  I looked back over my observations
from past years and have found what I am fairly certain is an early observation
of Novnoss (that is, the NOSS-like object found and orbit determined from
NOVember 1998). Nearly a year earlier, in December 1997, I reported the
following unknown in my DEC13.OBS report.


2420 9712 0.211 1204
9900000 064859.69 011605+772000 6.3 6.3 0 S
9900000 064921.21 231441+775139 6.4 6.4 0 S

It seems very likely that this was Novnoss, especially as it was rather
brighter (mag +6.3) than the average first generation NOSS. From the rate
of regression of the node over the year, it can be calculated that this
object would coincide with the orbital plane of the 86-14 NOSS objects at
around the time of their launch - 1986 February.   Therefore I think that
this object originated with the 86-14 launch.  We have current orbits
for pieces A, D, E and H. Therefore "Novnoss" is likely to be one of
B, C, F or G.  Since "Table of Earth Satellites" describes 86-14B as 
'NOSS 7 Rocket', I think this is the most likely candidate.  I therefore
propose to call Novnoss(=0098004=1511981[used by Pierre]) by the designation
8601402. Anyone who can see a flaw in my logic, or wants to comment or object
would be most welcome to do so.
best wishes 
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