Re: Missing flare

Craig Cholar (3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL)
Sun, 12 Apr 98 23:54:22 PDT

>From: Leigh Palmer <>
>Subject: Missing flare
>I just looked for an Iridium flare predicted by GSOC as being -7 and
>didn't see it! ... The satellite was Iridium 28, which I should have
>seen at UT 04:22:20 13 April 1998 57 degrees up in the east. Would
>someone please check that out for me?

Iridflar 1.6 also shows a great flare for Iridium 28, agreeing nicely
with GSOC, as expected...

Ir  Date    UTC Time   Azm  El  Angle   Mag
28 98-4-13  4:22:19.2  086  57   0.18  -8.2

Craig Cholar