Re: FAISat 2V

Eric Rosenberg (
Tue, 29 Apr 97 15:05:10 est

I was intimately involved in the FAISAT-2v satellite and can state 
without any doubt that this satellite is a commercial communications 
satellite. Contrary to what was reported, there was no US government 
involvement in the development or construction of this satellite.  

Eric Rosenberg

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Subject: FAISat 2V
Author: at #internet
Date:    4/29/97 5:38 AM

Hi everybody,

Russian newspaper Segodnya (Today) revealed April 25
that U.S. FAISat 2V LEO communications satellite (that
was not launched Apr.17 by Kosmos 3M launch vehicle
with a Russian 'military communications satellite')
can really be an ELINT working for NSA. Author states
that Russian Defense Ministry nevertheless agreed and
to launch FAISat 2V and the launch didn't occur only
because some paperwork was not done in due time. In
summer, FAISat 2V will be launched with another Russian
military spacecraft.

Igor Lissov