Re: Friday Obs. - Galileo IUS Confirmed

Sat, 26 Apr 97 11:07:13 PDT

Robert Sheaffer said...
>04:18:35      Observed appulse with Denebola of Galileo IUS, moving
>              eastward. Magnitude matched Theta Leonis, at 3.4.
>              Because this is now confirmed as a bright object, maybe
>              it ought to go into Molczan's list?
>       Robert Sheaffer - - Skeptical to the Max!

The Galileo IUS has a very eccentric orbit, and spends most of its
time at extreme altitudes.  I saw the IUS last night from a location
only about 60 miles away from Robert's, and yes, it's bright at
perigee, but most of the time you'll be hard pressed to see it.  Maybe
that's why it's not in Molczan's?

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