Obs 970420

VideoCosmos (cosmos@space.accessnet.ru)
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 08:17:43 +0400 (MSD)


Observed USA-32 (19460, 88-078A) at 18:27:15 UTC slightly N of
Psi Boo (15h 04.4m, +26d 57m, 2000.0), mag approx. 4?

Trying to locate stars for the former observation, saw a faint satellite
at 18:55 in the region of Epsilon Boo moving towards Delta Boo.

Just a minute later, at 18:56:15, a much brighter satellite passed in
the same region but in opposite direction, heading to Alpha Boo.

Also, saw a bright satellite (mag.3?) at 18:35:30 moving in general
direction from Gem to Leo.

Is anybody interested to identify the satellites?

My location was 55.635N 37.474E, elev approx 250 m (Moscow, Russia).

Yasnogo neba (clear skies),

Igor Lissov