Superbird A

16 Apr 1997 11:14:04 -0800

I observed the primary flash window of Superbird A (#20040) on Tuesday
evening, April 15th (Wed Apr 16 UTC) from 20:54 to 21:03 PDT.  Flashes
appeared left and slighly above the left-most belt star in Orion (Zeta
Orionis, mag 2.0).  Brightest flashes were around 20:58 PDT (3:58 UTC on
4/16/97) at RA 5h 45.6m, DEC -2d 11m, and rivaled Zeta Orionis.  A sequence of
13 consecutive flashes (12 flash periods) was timed at 140.2 seconds for a
flash period of 11.68.  (This is half the rotation period).  Flashes were
slightly orange-tinged at times.

The east coast of the US is already out of range, but for those in the west
who have yet to see Superbird A, time is running out for this cycle. 
California, Arizona and Nevada are in the best position, with more difficult
viewing possible in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico,
Texas and Colorado.  See it while you can!  --Rob