Re: Bright unknown
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 22:11:28 -0700

>>Was out casually looking at Hale-Bopp and Superbird A with 10x50's.  A
>>bright unknown, about 2nd magnitude, crossed from north to south through
>>the Orion's belt area and over to northern Canis Major.  Didn't have my
>>watch with me and couldn't take positional measurements.  It was about
>>03:48 on April 13 (UT).  A quick run through the latest molczan.tle didn't
>>come up with anything.  The object moved somewhat quickly.  My coords
>>-121.398, +38.458, 8m.

Ron Lee wrote:

>Jim, try these elements from Alldat.tle.  
>SL-6 R/B(1)
>1 24294U 96050D   97101.13468989  .00086632  78778-5  53480-3 0  2383
>2 24294  62.7581 341.7174 0461652 140.8202 222.7299 15.00761163 33380

Thanks Ron.  That was the object, all right.  Now I have to figure out why
my run thru molczan.tle (which includes this satellite) missed it.

Jim Varney     Sacramento, CA