Books on archaeoastronomy

Bruno Tilgner (
Sat, 12 Apr 1997 18:31:36 -0400

Andrew Butrica wrote:

>I would suggest -- when you arrive in Paris -- you go to rue de Rivoli and
check out the many books for sale by the "house of astronomy": the Maison de
l'astronomie (I seem to recall the shop had a name along those lines.  It's
near the Chatelet metro, between there and the Hotel de Ville, on Rivoli.
You can't miss it!<

This shop has only very elementary books and 99.99 percent are in French.
You are not likely to find something useful for your purpose.

At walking distance from there is a bookshop WORLD DATA CENTER which specialises
in English-language books on many subjects including astronomy. This shop
might be worth checking out. I just bought from them E.C.Krupp, Echoes of the
Ancient Skies. The original price is $ 17.95. I paid 178 French francs which
is close to $ 32. This surcharge of nearly 80% is typical of books imported
from the US everywhere in Europe, if you can get them at all. 

Bruno Tilgner
Paris, France

Andrew J. Butrica