VITASAT-1r/FAISAT-2v Launch Date/Time Set

Eric Rosenberg (
Tue, 08 Apr 97 15:44:13 est

Author:  Joe Sedlak
Date:    4/8/97  2:59 PM
Priority: Normal
TO: Eric Rosenberg
Subject: Launch
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Learned through email this morning that the launch is scheduled 
for 5:00 PM Moscow time on April 17. The stuff got to Omsk last Thursday 
or Friday - and they have been working hard to get the satellite 
together. Don't know when it will be shipped to launch site. 


As a reminder, the satellite is secondary to (and attached to) a military 
communications/navigation satellite. The launch vehicle is a Cosmos-3M from 
Plesetsk. The flight profile is similar to the FAISAT-1/Astrid launch of 
January 1995. (See Sven Grahn's paper in the 9th Annual Small Satellite 
Conference for details)

Nominal downlink (4800/9600 bps GMSK) are 400.62 MHz and 400.55 MHz. Primary 
launch to launch +30 TT+C facility is at the Andoya Rocket Range in Norway. 
At approx. launch +30 the TT+C will move to Logan, Utah. 

Any observations would be appreciated. 


Eric Rosenberg
Washington, DC