Latest Progress M-34 vector

Agapov Vladimir (
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 16:35:00 +0400 (MSD)


Here is current Progress M-34 EFG vector. EFG - Earth Fixed Greenwich
coordinate system with X axis in the palne of TRUE EARTH EQUATOR (precession
and nutation components are taking into account) at the TIME OF VECTOR and
directed from Earth' mass center to point of crossing of the true equator
and Greenwich prime meridian, Z axis is perpendicular to the true equator
plane and directed from Earth' mass center to the north pole, Y axis
completes system to the right-hand.

Orbit  #30
Date   08.04.1997
Time   11:07:33.909 UT
X      1.98993414 km
Y      6.34470844 km
Z     -0.00000003 km
Vx    -4.12193389 km/s
Vy     1.27401626 km/s
Vz     6.07023564 km/s

Nodal period  89.5986 min
Inclination   51.6698 deg (calculated osculating value in respect to the
                           true equator at the time of equator crossing)

Hmin         242.329 km ) heights are calculated above Earth's ellipsoid
Hmax         286.952 km ) with a=6378136 m, alfa=298.25784
H asc.node   271.31 km

Arg. of perig. 115.1258 deg ) calculated osculating values at the time of
Eccentr.     0.0025541188   ) the orbit's equator crossing
Semimaj. axis 6642280.285 m )

RAAN 1950.0  76.4861 deg

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