Re: Progress manoeuvered OK

Don Horton (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 16:35:46 +0200

At 01:20 PM 4/7/97 +0100, Neil Clifford wrote:
>Don Horton scribbles:
>|>1 99934U          97096.84632249  .00089254  33053-7  10474-3 0    15
>|>2 99934  51.6515  84.9369 0029281 134.7360 225.6044 16.06921815    40
>|>State Vector courtesy Vladimir Agapov converted using Ken Ernandes VEC2TLE
>Just a word of (slight) caution. I might be wrong but I think that
>Vladimir's state vactors are epoch J2000 whilst vec2tle requires
>Besselian epoch 1950. It might not amount to much difference (I can't
>check at the moment) but you may wish to precess x,y,z and derivatives.

        I believe you are correct about VEC2TLE.  I haven't the foggiest
about Vladimir's vectors (if he sees this, maybe he can let us know?).  If
anyone observes M-34 using these keps, I'd appreciate a note as to their
accuracy (or lack thereof).  A learning experience....

        And my thanks, Neil, for your comments!

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