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Pouplier Alphonse (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 17:58:39 +0200

>     I was out on 01 Apr 97 at 0400 local time (1000 utc) waiting to
>photograph Seasat on a pass through the vicinity of the Big Dipper.  At 1022
>UTC I observed a north bound polar orbiting satellite heading toward the big
>dipper also.  If the photo comes out it will be real nice.  Can anybody
>assist me in determining what this sat was?  The time observed of 1022 UTC
>should be accurate within a minute. I first observed it n/b at approx 270 az
>with an approx elevation of 70 - 75 degrees.  As the sat continued n/b it
>went just under (almost grazing) the star Alkaid (the first star in the
>handle of the big dipper.  As it continued n/b and the elevation decreased it
>went just above the second star in the handle, Mizar.  I finally lost sight
>in the light pollution at elevation approx  25 degrees at azimuth approx
>340-345.  My location is northwest of Chicago, Il, USA  at  Lat 42.01 N and
>Long 88.07 W.
>Thanks for any assistance.
>PS- Slightly off subject, Last Night, 31 Mar 97 at 1930 Local  (01 Apr 97
>0130 UTC) Hale-Bopp was just absolutely stunning.
>John Nebl 

Here it is:

COSMOS 1005 R  1 10861U 78045B    Ref.Date: 1997  82.96275390 = 23 / 3 / 1997
n=15.01989369  Height.:   531-   584 Km     Magnit.St.:  5.1

 1/ 4/97   Az.:  Alt.: Sun:    Hgt.:  Dist.:  Magn.: Alpha:  Delta: Const.:
10h18m 0s  207d    16d -14d   552Km   1452Km    5.2   15.1h  -26.5d    Lib
10h18m30s  210d    21d -14d   553Km   1265Km    4.9   15.1h  -21.2d    Lib
10h19m 0s  214d    26d -14d   554Km   1088Km    4.5   15.0h  -14.5d    Lib
10h19m30s  221d    33d -14d   555Km    927Km    4.2   14.9h   -5.7d    Lib
10h20m 0s  232d    42d -14d   556Km    793Km    3.8   14.7h   +6.1d    Vir
10h20m30s  251d    51d -14d   557Km    700Km    3.6   14.5h  +21.5d    Boo
10h21m 0s  282d    55d -14d   557Km    666Km    3.5   14.0h  +39.4d    Boo
10h21m30s  312d    51d -14d   558Km    700Km    3.6   13.3h  +56.6d    UMa
10h22m 0s  332d    42d -14d   559Km    793Km    3.8   11.9h  +69.2d    Dra
10h22m30s  343d    34d -14d   560Km    927Km    4.2    9.5h  +74.2d    Dra
10h23m 0s  349d    27d -14d   561Km   1088Km    4.5    7.4h  +72.6d    Cam
10h23m30s  354d    21d -13d   562Km   1264Km    4.9    6.2h  +68.8d    Cam
10h24m 0s  357d    17d -13d   563Km   1450Km    5.2    5.6h  +64.8d    Cam
10h24m30s  359d    13d -13d   564Km   1643Km    5.4    5.3h  +61.3d    Cam
10h25m 0s    1d    10d -13d   564Km   1840Km    5.7    5.1h  +58.1d    Cam
10h25m30s    2d     7d -13d   565Km   2039Km    5.9    4.9h  +55.4d    Cam
10h26m 0s    4d     5d -13d   566Km   2241Km    6.1    4.8h  +52.9d    Cam
10h26m30s    5d     3d -13d   567Km   2444Km    6.3    4.7h  +50.7d    Aur

My pleasure, avec plaisir,  Alphonse
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