Help to ID unk sat
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 07:42:29 -0500 (EST)

     I was out on 01 Apr 97 at 0400 local time (1000 utc) waiting to
photograph Seasat on a pass through the vicinity of the Big Dipper.  At 1022
UTC I observed a north bound polar orbiting satellite heading toward the big
dipper also.  If the photo comes out it will be real nice.  Can anybody
assist me in determining what this sat was?  The time observed of 1022 UTC
should be accurate within a minute. I first observed it n/b at approx 270 az
with an approx elevation of 70 - 75 degrees.  As the sat continued n/b it
went just under (almost grazing) the star Alkaid (the first star in the
handle of the big dipper.  As it continued n/b and the elevation decreased it
went just above the second star in the handle, Mizar.  I finally lost sight
in the light pollution at elevation approx  25 degrees at azimuth approx
340-345.  My location is northwest of Chicago, Il, USA  at  Lat 42.01 N and
Long 88.07 W.

Thanks for any assistance.

PS- Slightly off subject, Last Night, 31 Mar 97 at 1930 Local  (01 Apr 97
0130 UTC) Hale-Bopp was just absolutely stunning.

John Nebl