PPAS 6 available

Bart De Pontieu (BDP@MPEPL)
Thu, 25 Apr 1996 15:40:23 +0100 (CET)

1.  Leo Barhorst              Ede/Alkmaar              The Netherlands 6040
2.  Horst Koehnke             Stade-Elbe                FRG            4296
3.  Bram Dorreman             Achel                     Belgium        3932
4.  Tristan Cools             Brugge                    Belgium        3011
5.  Russell Eberst            Edinburgh, Scotland       Great-Britain  2359
6.  Michael M. McCants        Austin, Texas             USA            1474
7.  Willy Verhaegen           Wetteren                  Belgium        1366
8.  Alexander Seidel          Lemgo                     FRG            1288
9.  Kurt Jonckheere           Oostende                  Belgium        1271
10. Pierre Neirinck           Malo-Les-Bains            France         1269
11. Jean Meeus                Erps-Kwerps               Belgium        1242
12. Bart De Pontieu           Oostende                  Belgium        1141

It's hight time the PPAS receives more observations from observers at
less moderate latitudes !

You can get/find the PPAS in 3 ways:

1. ftp anonymously from ftp.physics.ox.ac.uk 
   Path is /pub/sat/bwgs/ppas/ppas6.zip
   and    /pub/sat/bwgs/ppas/ppas6.txt

2. send an e-mail message to SeeSat-L-request@iris01.plasma.mpe-garching.mpg.de
   with the words "archive get ppas/ppas6.*" (without the quotes). Note that
   one of the two files you will receive is a 715 Kb uuencoded/zipped file,
   so make sure you have room in your mailbox.

3. The PPAS 6 is also online on the WWW, as part of the Visual Satellite
   Observer's Home Page. Check out this URL:
   I hope to implement a search facility in the near future that allows you
   to search for all observations of one specific satellite.

Thanks to Tristan Cools for making the file available.

   Bart De Pontieu, BWGS

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