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   The following appeared on sci.space.news, and, as it seemed 
that two of the items might be of interest to SEESAT folk, I 
submit them here.

   Newsgroups: sci.space.news
   Subject: Novosti Kosmonavtiki No. 26
   Date: 17 Apr 1996 07:09:45 -0700
   The attached is the summary of Novosti Kosmonavtiki No.26
   which I submit for dissemination through sci.space.news.
   Igor Lissov
   Deputy Chief Editor - Novosti Kosmonavtiki
   VideoCosmos Co.
   Novosti Kosmonavtiki -- Vol.5 No.26  Dec 17-31  1995
   (The following is a summary of the next-in-turn NK issue.
   The summary was sent to the sci.space.news newsgroup and
   to the Friends and Partners in Space list -
   fpspace@solar.rtd.utk.edu or 

   [much snippage]
   - Kosmos 2326 was launched on 20-Dec-1995 by the 100th 11K69
     'Tsiklon-2' vehicle. The satellite is a part of naval reconnaisance
     system and now three satellites including 2293 and 2313 work in one
     orbital plane. 2326 also carries 'Konus-A' secondary science payload
     made in the A.F.Ioffe Physics and Technology Institute in St.Petersburg.
     ITAR-TASS reported that some of 'Gektor' military observation
     satellites also carried additional scientific payloads in 1969-1978.
     (BTW, this is really the 100th orbital launch of 11K69 and all of
     these were indeed successful. Of two reported failures, one occured
     with 11K67 'Tsiklon-2A' launcher which is considered as different
     vehicle and another one 'failure' appeared to be result of
   - Maxim Tarasenko reports on state of US and Russian military
     observation satellites. Kosmos 2305 was deorbited on 18-Dec-1995
     ar 22:57 UTC and re-entered over South Pacific after 354 days
     of operations. Only Kosmos 2320 electro-optical reconnaisance bird
     serves now the Russian military. The U.S. operate three reconsats
     whose data are as follows:
           USA-33     USA-86     USA-116
           1988-099A  1992-083A  1995-066A
           06.11.88   28.11.92   06.12.95
     i     97.82      97.85      97.87
     Hp    281        287        270
     Ha    1002       1021       980
     P     97.56      97.44      96.88
     AoP   334        90         111
     RAAN  59         110        108
   === Novosti Kosmonavtiki ===
   is a bi-weekly Russian-language newsletter of VideoCosmos Co.
   in Moscow. It can be contacted by fax at 7-095-282-63-66 or by
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