87-27B (17590) Obs.

Michael P. Murphy (murph@erinet.com)
Thu, 11 Apr 1996 05:15:09 -0400

Just observed 87-27B, before maximum elevation (75 deg Southeast), no
apparent variation in brightness, mag 0. After max elevation, towards the
northeast and below 65 deg elevation, started to see brightness variation,
mag 2-1, estimated period of eight (8) seconds.  Below 60 deg, noticed a
definite "wink out" (complete loss of sight) of less than two seconds, mag
1.  Period between "wink outs" of ten (10) seconds.  Will assume initials
MPM for now.

87-27B 96-4-11 8:37 MPM 10              Magnitude 0 to 2, definite
brightness dip to invisible (<2 sec)

14760 will be coming along in ten minutes, gotta' go!

Mike Murphy