Re: 88- 1 B (Cosmos 1908 RB)

Kurt Jonckheere (
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 18:56:57 +0000

As Jim said: Let the TLE experts speak! 

>To Kurt for the time and effort you spend on generating the Acceleration 
>Reports: Thank You, It's Appreciated!
Thanks, unfortenately nothing seems to have happen now...

That can be caused be the fact that the change is still rather small.
In the past (a month ago) I only checked it once a week, so I only 
derived the objects with changes that were distinct after about two weeks.

Last weeks I tried to follow up elements more closely, to make earlier 
predictions, to observe the accelerating part better.
Sometimes this seems not to work... :-(

As already indicated, the 88- 1 B is in a group with few flashers and thus
very few accelerators.  I still wonder why there are so few objects in this
Cosmos-rocket class that were rotating in a visible way.
1 18749U 88001B   96099.12333203 -.00000412  00000-0 -60242-4 0  4707
2 18749  82.5200 332.1333 0020228 164.3325 195.8099 14.77960985444902
1 18749U 88001B   96100.07116995 -.00000100  00000-0 -16999-4 0  4716
2 18749  82.5199 331.2538 0020273 161.5494 198.6517 14.77963488445045
Mean motion is still going down a bit, although the decline is already
slowed down after one day, maybe it was indeed * false alarm *.
Other objects are also having such variations for to moment (for 
instance 94- 14 B and 90- 104 B).  There are too many objects with small
changes to examine in detail...
(I have to upgrade my program to deal with this).

Anyway, thanks a lot, Jim and Paul for your fast observations!  I hope 
others will join our group.

I also saw KH11-8, 88- 99 A, thanks to the elements on this list which are
rather accurate.  
87- 49 B and 88- 53 B that had accelerated some time ago are now nicely 
flashing (period going up) with about 8.4 and 9.5 seconds.

Happy observing,

Kurt Jonckheere (