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Sat, 6 Apr 96 10:28:03 PST

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Concerning a possible re-entry observation, Jim Varney wrote:

>>>....  it may be a small piece of untracked space debris.  
USSPACECOM does not track objects smaller than 10 cm....A small bolt, nut
or other hardware is capable of putting on the type of show you


Does anyone know if there are studies concerning the current percentage of
meteors that may actually be space debris?  Are there methods of
distinguishing a natural meteor from small re-entering man-made debris? 

I would greatly appreciate being directed to any sources of information.

Thank you and clear skies,

Thomas Ashcraft 
Radio Fireball Observatory
Santa Fe, New Mexico, U S A     
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In SpaceNews, March 25-31, 1996 there was a bookreview.
"Orbital Debris - A Technical Assessment" by the Committe
on Space Debris, Aeronautics and Space Engeneering Board
of the National Research Council.
Illustrated. 224 pages. Washington: National Academy Press.

Perhaps you can use this.
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