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Our observing programme can be found in the 'Recent Observations' section. It is subdivided in categories, the codes of which can be found below.

Special Remarks Top Priority Objects

75- 27 E: double maxima                       65- 08 A: continues to accelerate
81- 84 B: no change                           70-106 B: more obs !
83- 75 A: long period, small amplitude        79- 30 B: to be watched closely 
83- 89 B: see article JP Rohart last month    84-109 B: global decrease
84- 35 B: new, CZ3 in GTO orbit               85- 23 J: no change
86- 92 J: descelerated very fast              85- 41 B: sometime S or sa
87- 17 B: almost steady                       86- 02 J: acc confirmed by LB
87- 87 B: long period now                     86- 93 B: short period now !
87- 88 A: same remark as above                88-102 A: confirmation needed !
88- 50 A: new, flashing with 6-8s ?           89- 28 B: dtm ?
93- 59 B: sometimes S or sa                   90- 36 B: some secundary maxima
94- 68 B: no observations yet !               91- 59 B: see above
94- 74 B: who will observe it first?          92- 08 B: slightly going down...
94- 78 B: as expected, deleted because S      92- 12 B: still going down
94- 81 B: almost deleted, will re-enter soon  92- 38 A: to be observed again !
					      94- 45 B: stopped accelerating

Observers of January 95

ANO: Antero Olkkonen, Ristiina, Finland   TC: Tristan Cools, Brugge, Belgium
BDP: Bart De Pontieu, Garching, Germany   MM: Mike McCants, Austin, Texas, USA
BJG: Bjoern Gimle, Stockholm, Sweden      WV: Willy Verhaegen, Wetteren, Belgium
RE:  Russell Eberst, Edinburgh, Scotland

Total number of observations: 130

Next deadline for sending in observations: March 3, 1995

Last month PPAS 5 which was intended to have been distributed with our 'Flash Disk' got a bit of a false start. People who subscribed on the international Flash disk probably already got it. The Benelux subscribers didn't because PPAS 5 wasn't complete yet. Next month everybody who receives a flash disk will get the 'official' PPAS 5 version completed with many of Horst Kohnke's observations which haven't been added to our database yet. Also some wrong observations will be corrected and some 'unknows' who have been identified will get an identification.

Tristan Cools